Share your renter profile with landlords in minutes

Simplify the home search process with an Lycan Renter Profile. Create one profile to share with multiple landlords for free.

Avoid expensive application fees, multiple credit check hits, and have control over your information with an Lycan Renter Profile.

Create your renter profile

Include relevant information on your residence history, employment history, income verification, answers to common application questions, and more. You can also add a credit check, background check, and eviction report to share with landlords.

Share with any landlord

Enter the landlord’s name and email address to send them your tenant profile with instructions on how to access the information. You can also use a shareable link to send your tenant profile to any landlord.

Get your application in front of landlords in minutes

Get your comprehensive, organized renter profile to your landlord right away to beat out the competition. Easily revoke access to all of your sensitive information with one click.

The Lycan Renter Profile includes all the necessary information normally requested through rental applications and tenant screening reports.

Reduce the rental application process.

Completing more than one rental application can become tedious. With your renter profile, you complete one application with your rental and employment history to share with multiple landlords.

Avoid multiple application fees.

Application fees can quickly add up when searching for your next home. With Lycan, you can pay a one-time fee to add a credit check, background check, and eviction report to your profile.

Limit inquiries on your credit report.

Authorized credit and background checks are considered soft inquiries since they’re tenant-initiated, meaning they don’t affect your credit score. Since more than one landlord can view your renter profile, you won’t need to authorize multiple credit checks.