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Digital signatures are as legally binding as pen and paper signatures. According to the 2000 ESIGN Act, digital signatures are not only legally binding, but cannot be denied their legal validity. In addition, electronic documents are much more tamper-proof and secure than a piece of paper and a person with a ballpoint pen.

Your lease is exactly where you left it: Online and available for you 24/7.

With Lycan, your lease is always available to you in your account, accessible anywhere, anytime. It’ll be there when you need it later and out of the way when you don’t need it. Just as it should be.

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We’ve constructed our leases to be fair and equitable between landlords and tenants. There are clauses to protect your right as a tenant to use and enjoy your home, and clauses to protect your landlord, too. Our leases are built to comply with state and local ordinances, so neither you nor your landlord get in trouble.